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whats a good personal finance magazine to subscribe to? i know of kiplinger's. i don't know how good it is, though. what are some other magazines for personal finance?
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Money Magazine is fantastic. I like Kiplinger's, too, but I don't subscribe. I pick it up in the library every so often.
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You might want to consider PF blogs, too -- there are tons out there and the perspective of individuals is often interesting.
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I think the single best piece of financial advice is: don't spent money on things you don't have to. Do you read any personal finance blogs? If not, MeFi's own Get Rich Slowly would be a good place to start, and from there, go down the rabbit hole of links. I know some people might think this is foolish, but let me present a defense:

If you read, say, five personal finance blogs, you are reading the collective knowledge of five people intensely interested in personal finance. They, in turn, are no doubt ALSO reading at least five, but probably more like dozens, of other personal finance blogs. Most of those bloggers, maybe not all, have subscriptions to personal finance magazines. Not all the same magazine, either. And if they find an interesting/noteworthy article, they'll quote from it and link to it. In that way, you are accessing an army of editors of dozens of personal finance magazines. For free! Just my two cents (har).
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I apologize for not adhering to your request. I saw this blog post this morning and felt that maybe this would help. See if any of the following books are in your library:

21 finance books for every level of financial acumen.
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Barron's is a great weekly resource for what's happening in the markets, very accessible to and useful for the individual, but sophisticated enough to be useful and influential to professionals as well.
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I'd stay away from Smart Money. I got a subscription last year and there might be one article a month that is useful to the average investor. The rest is about high priced vacations and buying guides for expensive wine.
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Reviewers at like Kiplinger's better than Money, for what it's worth.
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A Random Walk Down Wall Street is not (or should not be) a "finance geek" book. It should be required reading for beginning investors.

And most of the "novice" books are, somewhat amusingly, a total waste of time and money. You already know that you need to save more than you spend. You don't need Suze Orman to tell you that credit card debt has an adverse effect on retirement.
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