Help me find this website again.
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Does anyone know where I can find a comparison chart for different kinds of hormonal birth control?

Once when I was browsing the internet, I came across a very helpful website that had a lot of information on different types of birth control. In addition to information on lots of major types of contraceptives (the pill vs. the patch vs. an IUD, etcetera), it had a really cool chart that compared different brands of the Pill, listing the types and amounts of hormones in each brand, and it had some advice on which brands were more likely to cause which side effects (weight gain, mood swings, skin problems, and the like).

Does anyone know where I can find this chart, or a similar one? For some reason, I think the website was maintained by an organization in the UK, but I could be wrong. It seemed very official and well-researched.
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Best answer: The formatting on this page has changed since I bookmarked it (and maybe since you saw it, if it's the right one), but there's a page like that at
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How about this handy dandy chart from Contraceptive Technology?
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Here's one chart on hormonal and other birth control options -- it has the patch and the ring on there, but lumps the pills under just one category. I thought it still might be a little useful for you.
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Best answer: I was just given one of these charts by my doctor an hour ago! The one I have is published by the fpa (Family Planning Association) in the UK and it compares all the different types of birth control. It's called Your Guide to Contraception and can be found in PDF format here. It doesn't compare the different brands of the pill but poking around the website, there are some very useful leaflets on both the combined pill (pdf) and the progestogen-only pill (pdf).
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