Can I get TV work in Canada?
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My boyfriend and I are interested in working in (and eventually moving to) Canada and I'm not sure where to start. We both have strong resumes in reality TV post-production.

I have experience as a story assistant and sometimes editor, and my boyfriend has tons of experience as a show producer, story editor, and sometimes editor. If we want to work in Canadian TV, are we most likely looking at Toronto? Is there a major job listing site (like here in LA), etc? I've been working at America's Next Top Model for over 2 years -- maybe Canada's Next Top Model will have me!

Any general comments or advice you might have for a couple of Americans looking to emigrate is much appreciated. I've visited Canada frequently since I was very young and this is a big dream of mine.
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Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are the major centers of Canadian media. For Montreal you'd probably need to speak French though. Compared to LA the industry is pretty small. You may want to ask around in LA as I would expect industry people in LA may have contacts within the industry to people in Toronto, possibly more so than random people in Toronto would.

I am not very familiar with the industry but I believe a lot of positions are unionized so you might also want to contact the local union for whatever you do and talk to them about jobs. Would you be a NABET member: There are some links off the NABET page to various Canadian film & TV groups, like the Director's Guild, etc.
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Make your own reality show about moving to Canada!
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The site's pretty Web 1.0, but Media Job Search Canada carries listings that might be relevant.
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How to Move to Canada: the book.
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I made this comment on another "moving to Canada" thread earlier today. Some of the advice may be applicable to you two as well. Ontario also has a provincial nominee program, but its allowed occupations seem restricted to health, education, construction and manufacturing. It might be worth keeping track of though, as the program may expand in the future.

Unless you're both fluent in French, it's between Toronto and Vancouver. I'd imagine TV production is a larger industry in Toronto, but there's still some here in Vancouver. And of course, we've got film production in spades (but I have no idea what the TV -> film transition is like).

Basically, get a job offer and then get a NAFTA work visa. It's cheap, easy to get provided you have a job offer and is good for a year. Once you've got that you can work out the details of applying for permanent residency.
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Pyramid Productions in Calgary is hiring. EVERYWHERE in Calgary is hiring.
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