Can LensCrafters adjust frames with progressive lenses?
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Glasses filter. I bought my frames at Lenscrafters, but had the prescription filled, and the lenses put in the frames, by a doctor in my hometown. The lenses are the progressive type. My doctor mailed the finished glasses back, and left the markings on the lenses which help with adjusting and fitting the lenses the first time. After the first time fitting you erase the markings with acetone. Can I trust Lenscrafters to fit and adjust these?

My doctor did do an initial fitting and measurement of the glasses (without lenses) while I was wearing them. But he recommended that someone do a final fitting now that I have the glasses, and that they use the lines that he drew on the lenses as a guide. Apparently this is important with progressive lenses.

I called Lenscrafters and this is a free service since I bought the frames from them. I imagine they can fit regular glasses no problem. But is this progressive lens thing too tricky for LensCrafters, or is it old hat?

I ask because I have the markings on the lenses now, but after they are erased they are obviously irretrievable.

I want to go to LensCrafters because it's free and convenient. I'm looking for answers that say. "Yes, LensCrafters does this all the time!" I called them, but got a perky person who just kept saying, "Yes the fitting is included if you bought the frames from us, without addressing my question."

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No. And apparently it's not just me, check out that thread. I'd recommended anyone but them, honestly.
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I used a different low cost provider and found that I had to be sure to get the one experienced clerk to the point of walking out and coming back later if she wasn't there. A nearby expensive place was willing to do adjustments for me for free (it only take a couple minutes and they weren't busy - which may be why they have since gone out business.)

In terms of the magic line from you doctor, there should be a little mark etched into the lens (mine is shaped like a diamond) that they can use to line them up. In addition, after you get used to the lenses, you will be able to tell if they are fitting right by whether you have to tilt your head to get things in focus (which means out of whack). I need to get mine adjusted several times a year - a too-enthusastic hug, the dog lurching into my face, falling asleep with my glasses on so this is likely to be more than just a one time thing.
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Thanks metahawk. I don't see that mark etched in, though. The markings that are there are one-time marking put there by my doctor to assist the initial fitting. There are many.

Dawson, thanks for the link. I don't trust LC either, which is why they didn't do the exam, or grind the lenses. All I need now is the adjustment as to how they sit on my face, and that's what I'm wondering if they can handle.
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I'd never let LensCrafters make me glasses - they've demonstrated pretty clearly that they're not accurate. I wouldn't let them adjust them either, but I'm not sure how you'd get someone better if your doctor made the glasses and isn't nearby. Anything done in an adjustment can probably be reversed pretty easily by someone else, though, so it may not be that big a deal.

I'd look for a better, nearby, optician, though. Fitting is very important in progressive lenses.

As for the markings, I believe that all progressive lenses have them. They're hard to see - you need to look at the surface of the lens rather than looking through it. Here's a picture of where they are. Of course having presbyopia makes them a lot harder to see.
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I'm going to give the Standard Fairytale Glasses Answer-- don't trust them for anything, but do go to your nearest nice mom-and-pop optician, show them your glasses, and explain your dilemma.

If, as metahawk says, you're likely to need this service again, it will help to develop a relationship with people you know are good for it.

(Thanks, BTW, metahawk. I'm getting my first pair of progressives this week, and that's good to know.)
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I was trying not to get into the details, but...

My wife and I both had a bad experience with local opthalmolgists, and were fitted with bad lenses. So we decided to do it right this time and go to someone we trusted. Hence the hometown doctor deal. But that was complicated, required two trips back, and has taken time.

Today the glasses arrived, and my wife wants to put them on now! She doesn't want to make an appointment with a local optician to have them adjusted. So I was hoping for feedback that LensCraftes could handle that, because taking her to LC down the street is the only way any kind of adjustment will happen before the guiding lines drawn on the lenses are erased.

But it sounds like LC is not a good option, so she will probably go without the adjustment altogether. Thanks for the help.
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fairytale of los angeles, logically following our line of thinking here leads me to say 'no'. But surely there are capable, skilled people working for LC. Perhaps it's just finding the right one. You may also try Costco or even another large optical chain. I can't believe this would cost much if anything. It's good for business to do the free adjustments and all I guess. Anyway, I'd make a few phone calls before going the LC route. Obviously, that's just one guy's take

lockedroomguy, in yr situation they may be OK, I'd think the folks there could at least adjust the glasses, and surely for free.
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oh, i screwed that up....just like lenscrafters might would. Apologies.
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I hate LC, but I've gone in there 100 times with glasses from other places alltogether, and they fit them no problem.
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Be aware that even when progressive lenses are fitted correctly it can take a while to get used to them. It's probably a reflection of my age, but it took a full month before I was comfortable and happy with progressives.
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