Weather in Miami In September
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I'll have some free time (a week) after Labor Day (Sept. 1). I really really like Miami Beach; I have been there several times in the winter and once in early July. Will hurricane season make a short trip right after Labor Day this year a nightmare? I don't mind really hot/humid weather I do mind hurricanes... Even if the weather is O.K., will South Beach be dead anyway? I can't go earlier than that, and I can't go later. Personal experiences of Miami Beach in September and good weather resources welcome. Thanks!!!
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Just watch weather reports. Odds are you will be okay, but no promises.
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You'll be fine. It will be muggy and sticky as all get out and the mosquitoes will be in full effect, but I wouldn't be concerned about hurricanes. Watch the forecast. Even if there's word of one coming while you're there, you'll have plenty of time to get a flight out.

A note: Please do not go down to Miami Beach for Labor Day weekend. There are swarms and swarms of tourists, mostly very young and noisy, who will make your stay very unpleasant. After the holiday should be fine. And South Beach is never "dead." There's always clubs hopping, bars filled with the beautiful folks, good food to eat, and plenty of cafe con leche to keep you wired for it all.
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