I think my Blackberry is assuming I'm Buck Rogers and I'm going to make it to the 25th century.
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Everytime I sync my blackberry with Outlook 2007 my task due dates get screwed up. By at least 500 years. Really. Is this a problem with outlook or does Microsoft know about my plan to get cryogenically frozen at some point?

So here's the specifics: I have a T-mobile Curve model blackberry (though it also happened with my pearl), Outlook 2007 (though it also happened with Outlook 2003) and windows vista.

Basically I usually put my tasks down with no due date. When I do this, and when I sync, it changes the dates on the blackberry and on the outlook to something like "due Dec 13, 2347."

Granted, when I PUT due dates in, I have no problems. But when I add a task to be done quickly (usually on the fly on the blackberry) and I DON'T put in a due date, the next sync, it tells me I should get it done by the time the aliens take over.

So what's the deal? Anyone else have this problem
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I'd guess the berry is just taking the largest date which it can store numerically.
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I'm guessing the problem is with either the Blackberry or the sync software, and not Outlook. I have Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003 synching with my Nokia E51, and tasks without due dates simply go on my to-do list rather than my calendar. But mine synchs directly to the device and doesn't require additional software, unlike the BB, so that makes two points of difference (3 if you count Outlook versions), but the synch app seems the most likely culprit.

... I Googled, and it seems the app guess was a good one. here's one way to deal with the problem, and here's an alternative.
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