Best cell phone websites?
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What are your favorite mobile (non-iphone) websites? I'm interested in all topics, but, particularly, useful tools when I'm out and about, e.g., weather, traffic, price comparison, etc.) I saw a question from a couple years ago on this topic, but I'm betting there's been a lot of development in this area.
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gmail mobile
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Wapedia -- solving drunken arguments since 2006.
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Honestly, the ones I use most often are the Google tools: Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Reader.

I also use (New York Times), Facebook, Drinkboy (a cocktail reference), Youtube (if your device supports the video functionality), eBay, Mapquest.
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Yelp should suit your needs nicely.
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Wapedia is awesome. Also:
RSS: (it detects that you're using a mobile browser)
Flight status:
Betting markets:

For maps, download Google Maps Mobile. It's a separate application on your phone; it doesn't run in your web browser.
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Queued reading list: Instapaper
Up to the minute bus arrival times (for SF and Portland): Muni Time
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