Help my WWII navy vet Grumpy find more of his Navy Grog!!!!
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PLEASE help me find my grandfather's favorite Trader Vic's Navy Grog mix for his birthday!! I'd be his hero, not to mention the hero of my 40 family members who have just sent out an emergency notice that they discontinued it?!?

Hi all,
Thank you so much for any help you have in advance.

The short of it: my family is addicted to Trader Vic's Navy Grog mix.

My aunt sent out an S.O.S. email last night saying that my 86 year old grandfather (who acts like he is 70) is DEVASTATED because he is on his last bottle of Navy Grog mix and has been drinking it almost exclusively for 20+ years.

And it's not only my grandfather, it's my whole family! Every year the 40 or so of us gather at the beach and Navy Grog is the official drink of the week!

So... here's a two pronged question:
a) Does anyone know of anywhere that sells Trader Vic's Navy Grog. The online store doesn't have it. I'd be willing to pay a premium (I know, I know, Trader Vic's Navy Grog on the black market) and will buy up to 4 CASES.

b) Is anyone else here addicted to Trader Vic's Navy Grog and has anyone found a replacement? I don't particularly care for the stuff so I never drink it-- it's precious commodity in my family-- so I can't really do taste tests myself.

THANK YOU For the help, I, and my family, really appreciate it!
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looks like they have it here
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oh crap, I just noticed the "N" under "in stock", sorrrrry :(
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trying to redeem myself, here's a recipe for the allspice syrup that seems to be the base and one here for the whole drink that includes the syrup.
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Here is a recipe for making your own as a backup plan.
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I see I was beaten to the punch, so to speak.
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Response by poster: Great thank you so much guys, has anyone had any particularly good experiences with approximating the Trader Vic's navy grog recipe?

Too bad Ebay doesn't have any real Trader Vic's :(
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These people are working on their own substitute for this--might be worth dropping them a line to see how close they are to market (or to encourage them to speed it up!).
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The Trader Vic's here in Dallas still sells the Navy Grog drinks, so the restaurants probably still use the mix. Could you contact a restaurant directly to purchase the mix? from Feb 2008 states that you can buy the navy grog mix in the restaurant gift shop.

Even if it's been discontinued, you may be able to buy up old stock by calling the individual restaurants directly.

Good luck with your boozy quest!

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Response by poster: Thank you matty bonez, I have emailed them and will follow up with a call. Any more suggestions? I'm in desperation mode as I know it would make my grandfather so happy and he has done so much for us!
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