Looking for a CMS or Forum that supports anonymous posting.
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Looking for a CMS or Forum that supports anonymous posting.

I'm creating a complaint/gripe type of site, and I need a script or method for visitors to post items to the main page (probably w/ verification), and then allow a comment or forum system tied to it that also supports anonymous posting.

If no such CMS is available, is there are forum solution that does this?
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Just left a related comment here. Disclaimer: I work on this product. Short answer: Lefora does that stuff. Seems like our headlines page would suit you nicely.
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Drupal can also do that sort of thing, with or without moderation on anonymous or any comments or posts.
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Movable Type itself doesn't support this, but Mark Carey's EntryPost plugin adds the ability for user-submitted content, which you can have default to an anonymous author account. There's a lot of functionality explained in the docs, but that page also has a large screenshot of the plugin's settings panel that'll probably answer most basic questions like whether items can be reviewed before posting, etc.
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Seconding Drupal, and adding that it lets you choose whether to let anonymous posters enter a name and website for themselves. It has Captcha plugins to cut down on spam, and you can close commenting on any particular item if and when you want to.
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I'll go ahead and third Drupal.

It's got a pretty robust modular system that lets you add a huge number of community created additions. You can do a whole lot if you know little html or php, and dang near anything if you got some php skillz.

Plus their forums are full of good people.
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Thanks for your help, I'll try these solutions!
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