Obtaining a bike in Trento
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For a friend: where does one purchase a used (read: relatively cheap) bike in Italy in the Trento area?
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maybe try classified adds? Or, alternatively, if you friend has facebook (or something similar), tell them to put a request into the area's marketplace. There's probably someone there who wants to sell a bike.

I know this isn't the most helpful, since I don't know exactly where to get one, but bikes are really popular in Europe, so I have no doubt that you friend would be able to find one very easily at a very decent (read: low) price.
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A friend recently (2005) travelled to Riva Del Garda, and said it is full of bike shops and is a 'destination' for both roadies and mountain bikers. He's a semi-pro rider and knows his stuff.

A Google search yields lots of possibilities.

On Google Maps it appears to be only about 15 miles away from Trento. ( I have never been there myself.)
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