Can I has cheap hosting plz?
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What's a good web host for a novice, who wants her own online space on someone's server to play around with? The idea is a blog and maybe a sample of my cartooning, hosted somewhere that won't break the bank.

After messing around with blogging through the various free hosting services online (blogger,, livejournal, journalspace), I want my own domain name and a teensy bit of hosting space to mess around with a cheese toast blog. However, given the breadth of the internet and the competing advertising for 'cheap hosting!!' VS the dunning reviews cursing out all the big name companies in this business, I find myself adrift.

So Mefi, what's a good host for a novice? I want something cheap, n00b friendly and good with blogs, who'll help me secure a domain name (the one I want is available at the moment, no worries there) and won't crash every other day/eat my data monthly. Oh yeah, I'm Canadian, if that matters.
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Dreamhost would probably be what you want, but I've had a terrible experience with them really wouldn't recommend them. Lots of downtime, terrible speeds, slow and clueless customer service, et cetera.

I would recommend MediaLayer -- I've not had a single issue with them, and their control panel is fairly novice friendly. Their cheapest plan, though, is about $10 a month, which is definitely worth it. The only host I've tried (and I've tried numerous hosts before finding MediaLayer) where I haven't run into any major problems. They're also quick to respond when you do have a problem.

They get my highest recommendations.
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I've liked bluehost.
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Oh, but I can't tell you if they provide domain registration, as I used domains registered with GoDaddy. They have a pre-sale forum, though, if you have any questions.
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For domain registration, my web savvy friends swear by Gandi. I notice they've started offering web hosting, too.

And bluehost has also been recommended to me for hosting.
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I've been using for four years and always suggest them to large business clients and friends. What will make the big difference in your life is their billing policies. They only bill you for how much storage and bandwidth you use. For a small blog, you can expect to only spend a few dollars a year.

There have been a few Ask.Mefi threads about them. Check them out
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I'm going to have to agree with lockle. NearlyFreeSpeech is great, I still use them for personal things and have since 2005, but they can get expensive if your site starts using up a lot of bandwidth.
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Geekstorage is good, they're who I use.

I've had good experience with Freehostia. Normally I'd say that free hosting isn't exactly a good route, they offer paid hosting as well so they have to keep the servers up.
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I registered my current domain with GoDaddy as well (and have had at least five others over the course of time - absolutely no problems with them) and use Cirtex for hosting. They offer a solid plan with more than I need at $3-4 a month:

They're also extremely fast when it comes to support - I always get quick replies to emails, so I couldn't be happier.
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If you're concerned at all about US privacy laws/DMCA/wiretapping/data security etc then it makes sense to keep your stuff within Canada. I highly recommend Fanclub Media. Their servers are safely within our borders. Just contact them directly for a custom package if the ones they list on their site aren't suitable.
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I've had really good luck with Host Monster. I've been using them for about a year and a half.
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I always recommend my webhost, ASmallOrange. $25/year buys you a very dependable host, and unlimited email accounts.
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