Sangria, Serve Me Up Some Recipes.
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It's summer. Time for eating and Drinking outside. Any Moose wants Sangria recipes.

Although Any Moose enjoys Sangria, he has never made any himself and is planning some BBQ's this summer.

Found this post, which probably deserves its own refresher, but it's more about summer alky beverages in general.

I want Sangria. Share your best recipes. Recipes for larger groups of people 10ish would be great too.
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For something a little lighter than the deep red stuff you're actually served in a Spanish restaurant, I've made this white sangria recipe which was in the Times a few years ago. I've also made it with different types of fruit. My favorite so far has been with a mix of orange, Fuji apple, and kiwi, which makes a nice tropical-ish flavor.
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i picked up a basic "white sangria" recipe from a cooking magazine a few years ago, and it's a standby now whenever the summer weather gets unbearable. key ingredients: champagne or club soda for bubbles, chardonnay for sweetness, peach schnapps for more syrupy sweetness, vodka for extra kick, dash of OJ and pineapple juice, sliced strawberries, kiwis, bananas.

serve well-chilled, over ice. YRMV (your ratios may vary).
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this has always been a hit for me:

1C sugar mixed with 1C water
1C soda water/club soda
1C orange juice
1C rum
1C brandy
1 bottle of red wine

sliced orange
sliced strawberries
sliced apple

mix liquids well and add fruit. serve chilled, over ice.
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We've had great success with the sangria recipe from Cook's Illustrated. You can either get it from their site, if you have a subscription to their site, or here.
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my white sangria recipe, which is always a hit:

cheap white wine (sweeter = better for this)
peaches, nectarines and apricots
mint leaves

mix well in whatever quantities appeal to you, chill for a few hours (preferably overnight) before serving.
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My Spanish friend taught me this:

2 quarts orange juice
2 liters inexpensive red wine (good wine has too much body, is distracting)
sugar to taste (2-4 cups at least)
sliced fruit (oranges, strawberries, apples, etc)

That's how her family makes it, and my friends have all loved it :)
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Equal parts cheap red wine and Orangina. Add pieces of orange and apple to convince people that you put more work into it.
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Thanks for the recipes all. They look great.

Will do my darndest to try each of them out this summer. (Best answer markings based solely on the fact that I will try more complete recipes first.)
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