I Can Haz Pierogies?
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Is anyone going to the Pierogi Fest this year? Has anyone ever been?

The SO and I are considering making the trip up to the Chicago, IL/Whiting, IN area for the Pierogi Fest this year.

Airfare will certainly be our biggest expense, but I'm wondering if anyone is going this year, and has any ideas on how to save on all of the other expenses - that is, transportation, lodging, etc. We're willing to talk about sharing in any of these expenses if there are people wanting to.

We're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area FWIW.

I'm also curious if anyone has gone to this particular festival before and has any tips - did you find that all 3 days were worth attending? What were the food prices like? Any must-sees/dos?

Thanks HiveMind!
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Best answer: I've been to it. I often drive between Chicago and Elkhart In. We stopped one year at the Pierogi Fest. I recall it being very hot and not ideal pierogi eating weather. It was fun and authentic, but I can't really imagine what you'd do for three days there.
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Oh, man ... I'm green with envy here. I'll trade you a Rib and Jazz Fest for one day of Pierogi Fest -- but I gotta have borscht and kvas.
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Best answer: Pierogi fest is full of the wonderful little pillows of leaden wonderfulness....but too many on a hot day sit in your stomach like rocks. Trust me....sweating and pierogis do not mix. Nor does excessive activity and excessive pierogi-imbibing.

Pierogis and large flagons of very cold beer are worth it. Take that second day to nap and digest....in the air conditioning.
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Best answer: Mr. Kangaroo, a tv cameraman, covered this particular event a year or so ago. He laughed when I asked him your question about attending all three days. He says, "It was 3-4 city blocks, some entertainment, a few booths selling typical street fair stuff, and pierogis. It was hot, so hot, and that didn't make me want to eat pierogis." I pressed him for more details and he said, "You could gaze at the nearby oil refinieries for additional entertainment. Or cool off at the nearby casinos."

He advises spending one day at the fest and the other two days having fun in Chicago.
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Best answer: Come to the beer garden Friday evening between 5 - 8 pm. I'll be bartending, and I'll buy you a brewski. Send me a mefi-mail for more info.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your replies.

It sounds like it's possible that one day's worth of the festival may be enough.
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