Watching the Champions League final in London
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Watching the Champions League final in London

I'm a Chelsea supporter & my friend is a United supporter.

We're looking for somewhere with a bi-partisan atmosphere. An outside screen would be good or a lively bar in central London.

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I just got back from London. If you're American, the lack of quality televisions (or any) at bars is a immediate change. Bars don't revolve around sports like most of the bars I go to in America.

In any case, I got recommended a sports bar called Famous Three Kings in West Kensington. I'd guess it's the largest sports pub in all of London. I watched the final day of the Premiership there and they had three different tvs playing three different games (fulham, chelsea, man u).

They split the front to be audio for the Chelsea match and the back to be Man U. As expected, it was crowded with Man U supporters but I sensed it was a friendly place.

Its a huge place, but there won't be any seating there I assume. With every tv probably tuned to the match, you'll always see the game. But the atmosphere was pretty good. Probably not representative but I was happy with the experience. Directly by the West Kensington tube stop, which means ten minutes from "central london"
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waxy o'connors in leicester square should fulfil your needs, if you can get in
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I've not been to the Famous Three Kings, but Kensington is in Chelsea territory, so you might not get bi-partisanism for that match. I would aim for some where in the West End, there are lots of pubs with TVs there.
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