Obesity causing skin discoloration?
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Can extreme obesity cause facial skin discoloration?

This is a bizarre little question that I'm asking out of sheer curiosity.

I work with someone who is extremely obese, at least 300 pounds if not more. He has these strange dark markings on the sides of his face near his eyes--they look like big bruises. I know they aren't actual bruises, however, since I've known him for several months and they do not go away.

Today I met a very obese woman at an event, and I noticed that she had very similar dark facial markings. I think hers were a little lower on her face than his were, but otherwise they were much the same bruiselike marks.

Is this common in obese people? If so, why does it happen?
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Obesity and facial hyperpigmentation can be caused by pituitary adenomas that secrete pro-opiomelanocortin, commonly called melanocortin. The pigmentation is caused not by ACTH, but by MSH.

I don't know why it happened in the cases of the people you met.
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Were they people of color? Were they middle age or older? Maturational hyperpigmentation is a "new" skin condition that Melvin Alexander has studied and written about (he'll have a chapter on it in a skin of color derm book late this year).

The people he's seen it in have primarily been people of color and obese, and generally middle age or older.

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If this is what you are referencing, it's not uncommon in the obese, and people with Type 2 Diabetes. An ex-boyfriend of mine had it on his neck and a few other places - it's basically a side-effect of blood sugar issues.
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