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NameVoyager lists popular baby names dating back to the 1800's. Where could I find something similar for foreign names? Specifically, I'm interested in finding names that were used before the 1970's (as opposed to current baby name lists that show what's popular now).
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Is there any country in particular you're curious about? In the US, names are tracked by the Social Security Administration -- I imagine that most countries have similar agencies keeping track of those stats.
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My German is too rusty to figure out exactly where this data comes from, but I do know that baby names must be approved by the government, so presumably there is some official record-keeping done.

1970's top German babynames? Stefan und Nicole. 1890's? Karl und Anna.
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Here are lists of the top ten Japanese boys' names and girls' names for each year from the 1910s until 2005. I can't tell where the information comes from (I don't see it provided, but my Japanese is rusty and I just skimmed the top part), and it doesn't give the reading for each name.
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Wikipedia's got an amazing chart here, along with links to the various country authorities that keep track of such things.
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The 10 most common names used in Norway for girls and boys for each year from 1880 to 2007. Also the 50 most popular names from 1870 to 1999.
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