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I'm running Firefox 3 RC1 on Windows Vista. How can I use userchrome.css to hide the "list all tabs" button until Tab Mix Plus is updated?

The Firefox 2 userchrome tricks documented at Lifehacker and elsewhere don't work because the element names have changed from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3. The transition has been surprisingly easy for me because I've been able to tweak everything to my liking - except this. Thanks, hivemind!
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I can't directly answer this, but the Stylish extension could help you (made possible by Nightly Tester Tools and using something from

I'm running both extensions and a couple Stylish "styles" on Firefox 3 RC1 on WinXP just fine. Your mileage may vary.
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Not sure what the list all tabs button is (if it's on the navigation toolbar, can you customize it and remove it?), but there is a development version of TMP compatible with Firefox 3RC1:

Tab Mix Plus Dev-Build 0.3.6.X-Tab Mix Plus

Also, in general, most extensions work if you disable the compatibility checks; see Lifehacker:

Firefox 3 Beta: Make Your Extensions Work with the Firefox 3 Beta

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Boobus Tuber found a version of TMP to fix my problem but the site seems to be having PHP or SQL errors. Fortunately, Google Cache grabbed a page with a working link to the dev build.
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