How do I get married in a few days?
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Where might my fiancé and I marry in South or North Carolina in the next few days?

Okay, so, we need to get married by or on Monday, maybe Tuesday but really Monday. We'd ideally like to be married at South of the Border but it looks like there's a one-day waiting period in South Carolina that doesn't exist in North Carolina.
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Perhaps Wilmington? I say that because it would be nice for a mini-honeymoon as well, by the beach and all, but yeah, it's easier to get hitched in NC. Asheville would be kinda cool too. Not South of the Border gaudy cool, but if yr in a pinch...
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but really maybe just a bit more info would be helpful, that's a lot of area, even if yr now just gonna go with NC. Wilmington is about as 'left-liberal' as yr gonna get in those parts though. And it's also my hometown. JP? Minister? Barefoot on beach? White dress in chapel? Religious? Civil? In a bar? A boat? Lots of choices, depending on the city. Wilm is sorta near Dillon.
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People in NC used to run away to Dillon, SC to get married...what changed?
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(Oh, Fayetteville-where I live-is about an hour north of South of the Border. Just sayin.)
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FYI...There's a 24 hour waiting period for a marriage license in SC, so unless you already have the license, it's not going to happen on Monday.
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