bent CD, what can I try?
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Slightly bent CD: I have a CD that's (somehow) become slightly bent; you wouldn't notice when you picked it up, but one side is bent downward just enough that it scrapes in my CD-ROM drive. I've had it under a stack of books for the last couple days, thinking that might straighten it, but it doesn't seem to have worked thus far. Is there anything else I can try?
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Apply a small amount of heat. Don't put it in the microwave!
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Flower press near a moderate heat (e.g. radiator).
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It was probably heat that bent it originally. Any idea how that happened? If you left it face-down in the sun, perhaps you want to reverse that process. YMMV, bu it could take a loooong time for book flattening to affect a very slight bend.
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You could put it inside a newspaper (to diffuse the heat) and iron it, maybe.
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If you have a pilot light in your oven, maybe just try it in there with the books on it. I think that it will have to be a long, gradual process rather than using the iron. Also, make sure that the books you are using are really making it flat, and that they are not slightly curved themselves.
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I don't know that it will ever flatten without heat; I don't know how much 'creep' polycarbonate has at room temperatures.

Googling suggests that polycarbonate will soften somewhere between 140-150 C, will be pretty soft above 150 C, melts from 220-240 C, and breaks down into fumes and crap somewhere above 300 C. I'd suggest putting the disk on a flat surface and heating it carefully to 140-150 C. Maybe 160 if you don't see any result at 150. I wouldn't put it in a press while doing this, because it's important that the plastic on the 'data' side of the disk remains optically smooth.

(150 C ~~ 300 F, so you could do this in an oven, I assume. The label side might have some inks or things that are unhappy at that temperature, though.)
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