Looking for a good printable nyc subway map
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I'm looking for a good printable map of nyc's subway system. NFT has lots of great maps, but not a big one that covers the whole system and can easily fit in my back pocket. Any suggestions?
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I used to carry this one, which is also a Manhattan street map on the other side. Not free printable, but nice.
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How big are you looking to print it? I'm not sure you can fit the entire system on a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" and have it be readable -- do you have access to a printer than can do 11" x 17"?

Can you tell us why the official system PDF isn't working out? (This map you can also try to pick up in person at a subway station or official tourism center. It doesn't fit great in your pocket, as you have to fold it once more, but it's free.)
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I was in NY last week and found a great map that folds down to about the size of a credit card, maybe a little larger. It's meant for visitors (the back lists a bunch of tourist-friendly destinations) but the front shows the entire subway spread.

It's red and says "This is Culture" on the outside. I found mine at the Museum of Television and Radio, but I bet you could find them many different places.

Their website claims to have them available at any visitor's center.

This is what it looks like from the outside, and this is what it looks like all opened up.
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Seconding the rokusan's popout map. I have one for New York, Boston, Vegas, and San Francisco. Back when I worked for an airline and flew to these places on a whim, these maps were perfect for getting around.
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