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I need help finding a maternity dress or nice top to go with black pants in plus size that would work to attend a wedding in June and my baby shower in September or October.

I wear a size 18/20, or sometimes a 1X. I am 20 weeks now, so it needs some room for growing this summer. The weather is usually still pretty warm here in September/October So a short or long dress would be okay. Most of the plus maternity dresses I have found are wild prints. I am okay with color, I dont like anything in the plus section of mother hood maternity store online. I might like to wear a nice top with black pants. Where are some places I could check out to find something like this? I would like to spend less than 100 dollars but i want to look as cute as i feel for the baby shower! Thank you.
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Hmmm. My experience is that a lot of what fit me at 20 weeks didn't work at all in the last month or so. Japanese Weekend has some nice stuff - Would XL work for you?

The Gap Maternity
online has stuff up to XXL which they say is a 20. Also, there's Old Navy's maternity wear, which goes up to XXL.
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or Ann Taylor Loft goes up to XXL.
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Best answer: I found some really cute plus size tops for my friend at Kohl's - they weren't maternity, but the popular style is empire waists with pleats, so there is plenty of room to grow (though, to be honest, I found cuter styles in the store than online, and matching sweaters).
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Best answer: Lane Bryant has recently started carrying maternity stuff -- as far as I can tell, it's available only online, and not in the store. I looked through quickly and saw a couple of simple but cute dresses in solid colors (mostly black, it appears; I don't know whether that's suitable for the wedding you're attending).
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JC Penney also has plus-size maternity clothes. I've never ordered from them but have heard good things about them from invisible friends.
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Best answer: My wife (who is currently 35 weeks pregnant), and is about your size says her 3 favorite dresses are not actually maternity at all, but plus size dresses from Target. Here is one of her favorites. Almost all of her maternity wear has come from there. She says the Merona knit dresses work well, and they seem to mostly be in the $30 range.
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Best answer: I second buying bigger plus size dresses (so for you, try 22-24). I bought a dress at when I was pregnant to wear to a wedding, it looked great and I got tons of compliments. Cute dress. Cute top.
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