How to get an Alesis Micron to run on batteries?
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Is there any way to modify or use an external part to get an Alesis Micron to run on batteries?

Here's what I'm trying to do. I currently have a Korg MicroKORG, and I like it quite a bit, but the keys are just too damn small. What I'd like to do is upgrade to an Alesis Micron, since it's similar and sounds better and has full sized keys, but it doesn't run on battery, and this seriously hampers my ability to run around on stage like an idiot with it live. Is there anything that I can do to modify the Micron to run on batteries, or is there any sort of pack or product that uses batteries and emulates an AC adapter that I could duct tape to the keyboard? Thanks!
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I think any solution would be very heavy. How about picking up an Oxygen8 or some other cheapass midi controller (that uses batteries) and duct tape it to the microkorg, ass-to-ass and have the Oxygen drive the korg?
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According to the specs I can find (9V, 12W) 6 D cell batteries will probably last you a few (maybe six?) hours. If you use twice as many batteries they will last more than twice as long. So really it's just a question of making a huge battery pack and putting a wire on it ending in the same plug that Alesis's wall-wart has.
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Another idea:

Since you could destroy your nice new Micron running around stage, why don't you try a wireless midi controller and a battery powered MIDI controller.

By the way - check out the way Edgar Winter did it.
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