What was this crazy statue I saw in NYC in 1999?
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What was this giant, crazy statue I saw in New York City? It was near Columbia University in 1999.

Here's the story. It was 1999 and my old band was playing what turned out to be one of our last-ever shows, at Columbia University in Morningside Heights. After our set I wandered away to meet up with a friend at a bar on Amsterdam Avenue. A couple blocks away my mind was COMPLETELY BLOWN by a statue I saw: it featured a man with crab claws, huge waves of water, combat with the devil, and other odd things. I had a more-sober friend of mine confirm that yes, we were actually seeing this statue. In my memory it was HUUUUUUUGE but as mentioned, I was not exactly sober at the time, and this was 9 years ago.

So, what was it? Is it still there?
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Best answer: I think you're referring to a statue at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Check this out.
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Best answer: You must be talking about the Peace Fountain in the children's sculpture garden next to the cathedral. I always thought of it as a whimsical piece of art, so I found your description and reaction really funny :)

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Best answer: A couple of photos: 1 and 2
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Best answer: Definitely the peace fountain. If you're ever back, try to go by in the late morning. There are a couple of white peacocks on the grounds that come out and strut their stuff for the kids. Really cool.

The statue itself... eh. I always wondered what that giraffe at the top was up to, he looked like he was having way too much fun.
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Response by poster: Why, that must be it! Thanks, all!
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