What should I do to replicate the looks of Trinny and Susannah?
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Regarding "What Not To Wear": What do you think are the tricks to the particularly glowing hair and make-up styling on the hosts Trinny and Susannah?

I'm not great fan of the women themselves, but someone, somewhere, does an absolutely stellar job of making them look a good deal more gorgeous than they truly are, and I want to know how. I don't think their books really cover it - there's some advanced grooming going on.
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Exfoliation to smooth out the skin, then cover all blemishes with various products: concealers if needed, and sheer but still good coverage make up base then layering of color over cheekbones, chin, forehead, and nose.

Eye make up takes practice, depending on the eye shape. For eye make up, you need to have light shimmer base so the color on top of it (even matte) shows up well.

In conclusion...you need skilz.
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This is a complex question. For one, they both have professional stylists to do their hair and makeup before their show (and probably before any big public appearances.) For another, they've spent enough time in front of a camera to know what makeup brands/colors/styles look good on them, and they have the money to buy it. Also, they probably get their hair colored and cut on a more regular basis than the average person can afford, and they probably have better quality hair stylists.

Honestly though, dozens of magazines (cosmo, glamour, marie claire, etc) promise to give you the "styling secrets of the stars" on a monthly basis; you could literally fill a room with all of that collective advice and probably be no closer to knowing how any particular person gets themselves looking the way they do. It's a different set of items and styling techniques for everyone.

If you want advice on how to replicate a look on your own face/hair you'll probably be better served by taking in photos of some looks you admire to a good hair stylist or makeup artist and asking them to help you achieve it.
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Don't underestimate the effect of well-groomed eyebrows. Find someone who specialises in brow shapings, who will work with your bone structure to make them perfectly frame your face. It just adds that extra bit of polish to your look.
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I'd love to see examples of what you're talking about, every time I've seen pictures of them (promo shots - not snapshots) they look dreadful.

If they're 'glowing' a large part of it is probably good lighting.
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I think they both look great. I wish T&S were still here in the USA. We can't see them since they're not on the BBC any longer.

They both have great skin (even though Trinny has suffered from acne). That helps a lot. They both concentrate a lot on exfoliation. I know Trinny is a fan of Vitamin C products for the skin. They probably both get Botox.

They probably both workout. That doesn't hurt when you want to achieve a healthy glow.

They use the right make-up. It's not cakey or too matte. Everything is glossy and luscious. Everything from their mascara to their lipcolor. That's why I love mineral makeup so much. If applied correctly you can get that glow.
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Professional quality makeup, particularly foundation and/or powder, is amazing stuff and does wonders for evening and brightening the appearance. I have never looked so good as during my 24 minutes of ignominy on Jeopardy where I was powdered within an inch of my life (including touch-ups during the commercial breaks). It is, however, a heavier feeling on the face than what you might choose for day to day wear.
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This isn't an answer to your question, but I wanted to point out that in the US version, host Clinton Kelly once appeared on screen sans make-up and he did look quite a bit different. Paler, mostly, and with circles under his eyes. Whenever I'm watching my beloved US version, I always contemplate how it takes a TEAM of people to get hosts Stacy & Clinton to look like that. In fact, I contemplate that every time I see a starlet making a professional appearance. It helps keep my own self confidence in tact.
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Imagine if you had someone with a very expensive brush and hair dryer following you around throughout the day and every time we were about to round a corner, or duck into a meeting, they'd give your hair a quick touchup. And the same was true about a second person constantly refreshing, adjusting, and touching up your makeup. And hell, just for kicks, let's add a guy who's sole job it is to walk just out of the way to your left and hold up a metallic oval disk so that the light in the room is constantly aimed at you (but in a diffused way), so that you're both directly and indirectly lit. THIS IS WHAT A TV SHOOT IS LIKE. Especially one that focuses on beauty.
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I don't know what they do. A million and one things I'm sure, as others have said. They don't look any better than anyone else on tv to me though. However, there are four things I've done recently that I think (and have been told) have made a huge difference to how I look:

1) Got a great professional hair color that is perfect against my skin. It's only a couple of shades from my natural color, but it makes all the difference.
2) Discovered green concealer. I'm pale and blemishes stay red for a long time even though the rest of my skin is good. Before, they would show through makeup slightly. With the green concealer (Dermablend) they totally disappear and I can wear much less heavy makeup. You do need to use it right though!
3) Exfoliate. all. the. time. Fewer zits, less flakiness, more glow. Makeup goes on better. Huge difference.
4) Whiten my teeth - just with the at-home strips. Makes my eyes look brighter and my skin look better.

Great eyebrows add a lot too.

I'm not going to bother with it, but I'm pretty sure the logical addition to this list would be learning how to blow dry my hair. It air drys fine, but it's a little hit or miss, and I'm sure it would make a big difference if I could blow dry it really well.

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I agree with many of the above posters that a certain amount of skilz are needed, but the other big component is quality product (both face & hair). I don't have a ton of suggestions, but I can recommend the stuff that I use that I've had success with:
Face - Bare Escentual's powder foundation & mineral veil on top of a makeup "primer" (I use Laura Mercier)
Hair - (step 1 - don't shampoo everyday), I put Aveda's Style-Prep Smoother on wet/damp hair, blowdry with round brush (aim the dryer in the direction of hair, not against it), and finish with a small amount of Aveda's Smoothing Fluid.

I don't mean to sound like a product shill, but I've been pretty surprised by the amount of complements I've received when I've gone to the effort to really do my hair and face with all of that above. YMMV, but I did all that for a recent wedding I attended, and those pictures are some of the few of myself that I actually kind of like ;-)
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Nthing the spend money on good quality products. I've recently switched to a jaw-droppingly expensive foundation - By Terry Light Expert - and it is Worth. Every. Considerable. Penny. It makes my skin glow and looks as if I am not wearing any foundation at all.
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I once had a TV reporter come to my office to to a segment. She was in full TV hair and makeup, and -- standing in front of me, in normal lighting -- she looked awful. Makeup an inch thick, and helmet hair.

My point is that what works on TV might not work for everyday life. You might be trying to achieve something that's just not possible.
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You want the book Making Faces to learn the mad makeup skillz.
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