Who is this guy?
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Anybody read Polish? Or know about Stan Nonin?

I'm in the middle of semi-giving a domain name to this guy - suddenly I figured I'd Google his name, and actually found that he buys domains, well, more than just from me. I found one message where someone was also asking about him, but no replies. The only other place discussing him is in (I think) Polish. Could be some other Eastern European language. Here it is:

link to Polish article

I'm now wondering if he intends to send spam from the domain or something. He seems reasonable enough -- said it was for some people with a band that are putting together a web site -- and my client has no use for the domain name anymore, their old business is no longer in existence (and I'm not comfortable profiting from domain name sales anyway).

Can anyone read the linked page and tell me what relevant info it contains? Thanks!
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This is Mr. Listener speaking.
Yup, this is Polish all right.

This is a discussion regarding an email that someone got from that Stan Nonin guy. Sadly, it looks like the original poster anonymized his own domain with x.com. All other posters except one just make jokes about that. The only half-serious reply is the one just below the original post.

"The guy is buying domains and probably has a business in it. Maybe he is preparing his own "back room" or maybe he will resell it further."

That being said, there are no warning signs that I can see.
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Everything Listener said is correct. The original Polish poster was asking if this offer is legit, the rest is essentially irrelevant chatter.

Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone who shows up unexpectedly offering me money. There may be something shady in the transaction process, or he might already have found a buyer for the domain who is willing to pay even more (but maybe you don't care about that).
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FWIW, he only offered me $60 (I'm taking $30 for my time dealing with his e-mail messages). My client said they don't want any $ for it, which simplifies things. And I'm fine with whatever, although I would have an issue with his just re-selling the domain name (a rather unfortunate practice, I think). I'm under the impression that he's a web developer who just wants the name for his own clients.
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Thanks for the replies and the translation!
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I would have an issue with his just re-selling the domain name (a rather unfortunate practice, I think).

Why? How is that any different from my buying some household object you don't have any use for and turning around and reselling it to someone who does?
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