Moving Outlook Data
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Personal digital information transfer between jobs:

What is the best way to move all of my Outlook data (appts, contacts, notes etc) from one job to another? Up to now I’ve just had my own PDA and transferred it from there, but here I have to leave my PDA and get a new one two weeks later at my new job. I’ve tried to upload everything to a Yahoo! Account, but I think the intellisync is getting kicked out by my blackberry software. Can I readily retrieve it if I save it to a CD-rom?

Help! My dental appointments from four years ago and the addresses of people I’ve long since forgotten must be retrieved!
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You can export all your information to a file, save it to an online hard drive and then import it at home. Depending on the amount of information it might be pretty bulky though. Or you can export it to a file on your computer and then burn it to CD.

In Outlook,

File -> Import and Export
Choose Export to a file
Create a file type of .pst
Select your top level folder, and make sure to check the include subfolders box
Choose where you want the .pst to be put and what you want to call it (default is backup), and that's it. Importing is pretty much the same thing, but in reverse.
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If you're using Outlook 2000 or later, Microsoft has a utility for backing up your personal folders where all your Inbox, Calendar, and Contact info is kept. This is assuming that everything is local to your machine, i.e. no Exchange server. The utility is just an interface to the procdure tetsuo's described above.

The link was pulled from this site which explains how to manually backup and restore data from Outlook and Outlook Express.
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