Where to find La Michoacana paletas in Seattle?
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Where can I get La Michoacana paletas in Seattle?

I used to be able to get these wonderful Mexican popsicles at the ticket/concessions counter Grand Illusion on the Ave, but that was years ago. I went there today and they didn't know they'd ever sold them, so that's out.

I've tried many of the fruit popsicles in the freezer case at Whole Foods, but they just aren't the same--I'm talking about the kind you can get from tiendas and paleterias in southern California and Mexico. "La Michoacana" looks like it's both a brand and a generic style, so I'm not necessarily looking for that specific brand--just that type. Bonus points for jamaica/hibiscus flavor.

Do any of the Mexican groceries in town carry these? I don't want to drive out to Yakima with a cooler to stock up for summer, but if I have to, I will.
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This is just a wild guess, but you might try "The Spanish Table" on Western Ave (a couple of blocks down from Pike Place. They mostly focus on Spanish foods, but they have some Mexican foods as well. It's worth a shot.
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I'll give them a try; thanks.
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