select address on firefox toolbar MAC?
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this must be a really simple question to answer from a real simpleton but how why doesnt clicking on the address bar in Firefox on OSX leopard highlight it like it does on windows and how can i get it to do that easily?
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Try double-clicking.
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click on the icon next to the URL (the FavIcon). It will highlight the whole address bar.
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Click three times quickly for the full highlight effect.
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Next to it on the left.
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It does on mine, but you have to click right to the left of the http. On this site, for example, you have to click on the MF logo. Anywhere else on the address bar puts the icon there to edit the URL.
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And if you don't want to double-click, use Command-L.
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"why doesnt clicking on the address bar in Firefox on OSX leopard highlight it like it does on windows"

It's not supposed to. Clicking once isn't supposed to highlight things on OSX. If it did so, users of the software would find it annoying since it would be the sole application to behave this way.

"how can i get it to do that easily?"

Triple-click. Welcome to the OSX user interface!

Okay, fine. If you really want Firefox to act like it's running under Windows, do this:

1. Put about:config into the address bar and hit Return.
2. Type the word click into the Filter
3. Double click on browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll and on browser.urlbar.clickAtEndSelects, such that the "Status" column for each entry says "true"
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Type in about:config in the address bar, and change the setting for browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll
from False, to True
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Firefox 2 is a special snowflake and chooses not to follow Mac user interface conventions when installed on a Macintosh. You might try the betas of Firefox 3 that they are distributing, to see if they are fixing these bugs.
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I am using firefox 3 beta5 and when i click the address bar it selects the contents. I think the final release is coming up soon (next couple of months) so if you can wait i think you will have this "feature" than or you could start using the beta (it has worked great for me and is awesome, but as always use at your own risk) or follow the customization above.
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lots of helpful replies and thanks!
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Maybe you guys have some ideas for me as well--my problem with Firefox's URL bar is that the keyboard navigation doesn't work as I'm used to (as it does on Safari).

In Safari, if you've got the cursor at a point in the middle of the URL and then type shift-down arrow, all the text to the right of the cursor will be selected for editing.

In Firefox, shift-down arrow annoyingly opens up a list of suggested URLs instead. Any way to do the same as Safari?
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In addition, clicking on what used to be the favicon in Firefox 2, now opens the current site's security and encryption information in Firefox 3 (beta 5,) rather than selecting the whole URL. Clicking once in the URL selects the whole thing, for me at least.

I'm on OS X 10.4
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Can't recommend Firefox 3 beta enough. I've been using it for about a month now and it's a huge improvement over 2 (even though it is still beta). It gripes me when some of the mac zealots rather than want to fix a problem want to argue "That's not the way it's supposed to be." Just like 2 buttons wasn't the way a mouse was supposed to be used, until the mighty mouse came along.

My suggestion to you is get Firefox 3 Beta and use the keyboard shortcut CMD-L to quickly jump up to the address bar with the whole thing selected (just like God intended).
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Concur on Firefox 3 beta: it is incredible
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