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There was a post (I believe on Boing Boing) a few months ago about a sci-fi short story in the form of an internet message board. The message board was for a group of time travelers, and the new members were always being scolded for going back in time and killing Hitler (this was against the rules, as without Hitler we wouldn't have many technologies, etc etc). I have Google strings that I've tried inside...

time travel sci-fi story message board
Hitler sci-fi short story
hitler sci-fi story message

ad infinitum...

I've tried the various strings in Google, on Boing Boing, and on MetaFilter to no avail. Anyone out there have this story?
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Best answer: My first try was "kills hitler time traveler", and here it is.
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Response by poster: What the! Thanks, Martin. The nuances of Google Fu might always elude me.
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Strong Google Fu depends on realizing that search engines index content, not meaning. So unless you're sure that "sci-fi" appears somewhere on the page you're looking for, it's probably better to leave that out.
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Response by poster: Wise, flabdablet. I was preoccupied with searching for the article and not the story. I should have cut out the middle man.
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Response by poster: Mods can feel free to delete this post, answered quickly and seems to have no benefit for the rest of the MeFi community. Thanks.
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Don't delete! I like reading random stories other people were searching for on the internet.
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story was excellent, i wouldn't have seen it otherwise. thanks!
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Me too - good story!
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This is a great story; don't delete.
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Don't delete! I wouldn't have seen this otherwise. Thanks for asking.
posted by lilac girl at 7:42 PM on May 14, 2008 benefit for the rest of the MeFi community.
I benefited.
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don't delete! I saw the post and thought "gee I hope it gets answered because that sounds like a cool story."
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I enjoyed that until I realised that, every time a newbie fucks up and negates time travel by his Hitler-killing antics, someone can still somehow go back and fix it before it happened. I vote for deleting the question. ;)
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I benefited. And so did some people who don't know that AskMefi exists.

Someone needs to go back and "take care" of Skyanth's parents. Anyone?
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