LA hotels with good wifi?
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MetaLAHotelWifiFilter: can anyone recommend a decent hotel around the $80-100 per night mark in LA - with good wireless provision? Preferably in or nearish the Burbank area...? If that price is laughable (not really sure for LA), then just decent recommendations at whatever price.
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The best Wi-Fi hotels
Some 6,000 hotels around the world offer the service
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Boston WiFi
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Best answer: Hmmm.... Not sure how much the Universal Hitlon is (or, I should say, how much it may go for at I know there's a Holiday Inn Express on Barham/Chauenga (hard to say, the road kinda changes names).

Of course, should you want a little character, there's always The Safari Hotel made famous in "True Romance." Of course, it won't have WiFi, but I think Starbucks leaves their WiFi on 24/7, so you could just pull up next to the store and check your email.

Will you have a car? What are your needs when in town?
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Response by poster: Yes to the car. Will be visiting various companies in the area over a 2-3 day period. Some in Burbank, some in another part I can't remember but is about half an hour away from there.

Thanks for that MSNBC link, matteo - hadn't realised WiFi was as widespread as it seems, given what that says. PLenty of chains to pick from.

Any good recommendations for things that a couple of geeks should really see while in town?
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Response by poster: Actually, the Safari Inn does have wireless access. I didn't much like True Romance, but the guy I'm travelling with loved it. Well priced, just renovated. I think we've found our place. Thanks herc!
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Well, I'll be.

There some solid "what to do in LA" threads in AskMeta already. No doubt you'll check those before going.

I recommend the Museum of Jurrasic Technology.
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I stayed at the Farmer's Daughter, near the Farmer's Market, Fairfax. I think it was about 130 bucks a night, with free Internet (wireless in public areas and some rooms, wired elsewhere). V recommended.
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