Can I get paid for people printing my photos?
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Are there any websites that allow you to upload photos and get paid for people printing them?

I got the inspiration from where users can order prints of other peoples photos but I was wondering whether there is a service where the owner of the photo gets paid, aswell as the website.
Any ideas?
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Best answer: Smugmug allows users with professional accounts to do this.
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You can do it at RedBubble and you can also set the markup percentage.
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You can kind of do this via CafePress
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CafePress rather :)
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Doesn't do that too?
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Imagekind also lets you sell prints online, and integrates with your Flickr account (if you have one). I've been meaning to check it out, but haven't yet.
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forgot the link...DeviantART
posted by frosty_hut at 11:50 AM on May 14, 2008 is a brand new site that does exactly this...
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Upon a brief perusal, it looks like cutcaster is about buying rights to an image, not a physical print of the image.
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Smugmug is likely the most well thought out, experienced and trafficked of the print sales sites. Plus they treat your files as though they are rare antiquities of unimaginable value (many layers of redundant storage, etc.)

It's a favorite of wedding photographers and event photographers.
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I've bought cards made from pictures uploaded by people registered on I sent them an email to ask about delivery time when they didn't show up in about 2 weeks. They immediately replied to tell me they were shipping another order. The original order showed up later that day (of course!) and I emailed them to let them know. I don't know if they couldn't, or didn't, stop the second order but I got it a few days later for no charge.
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