Headed out on the trail - help equip our sing-a-long arsenal!
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My girlfriend and I are hiking the Appalachian trail for two weeks at the end of the month. We're taking along a Martin Backpacker (guitar) and a small set of bongos. What are some very excellent blues/folk/bluegrass/mountain songs that we should learn before we go?

We're also bringing a hand held recorder so we can remember all this.

I'm looking for more traditional rootsy stuff as opposed to anything by contemporary artists. Obviously, I won't reject any ideas though so throw them at me.

Thanks in advance Metafilter!
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The Trail Just Shimmers When I'm Wearing My Peter Limmers
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There's some great stuff in the Gordon Collection.

Also, see if you can scare up a copy of this book somewhere.
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Shady Grove! You can probably make up endless verses to that song. More later, when I have time.
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Shady Grove
Nine Pound Hammer
Wreck of the Old 97
Jacob's Ladder

I guess there are about a billion more, but I don't think you have the time.
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I like fiercecupcake. She knows one of the best songs ever when she hears it.
(I also think it's cool that when I looked her up to find out that she is a she, it turned out she lives in the same zip as me.)

Now you have to learn that song. It goes well with the deep shade of Appalachia.
My goal in the next month is to try and learn "Shady Grove" on my dulcimer.
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Big Rock Candy Mountain
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Man of constant sorrow. drop d tuning capo on 3rd fret
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There is a wonderful book called Rise Up Singing that includes the guitar chords and words for over 1000 songs. Focus is on campfire songs, definitely folksy, rootsy. (Pete Seeger was one of the editors). I don't play guitar but I find it wonderful for those songs where you know how it sounds but you can't remember all the words.
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Male & Female vocalist = Jackson by Johnny Cash w/ June Carter
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Lots of stuff by Woody Guthrie.
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2nding Rise Up Singing. There's all kinds of good (and goofily crappy) stuff in there. I wish I had a copy. It's a guarenteed good time.
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Nthing 'Rise Up Singing'. I had a copy a while back and never stopped finding little gems in it. You can get companion CDs with it, too.

Also (songs):

Gold Watch and Chain
Jesus Met The Woman at the Well
St. James Infirmary
Stay on the Sunny Side
Old Joe Clark
Cash on the Barrelhead
Soldier's Joy

...Jesus, there's so many good ones...
Good luck, and have fun!
(I have that Backpacker Guitar, too. I hope you have a strap for it.)
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Sweet Baby James, by James Taylor seems appropriate. Here's FretKillr's acoustic version. Fretkillr has dozens of videos of acoustic guitar, worth checking out.
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I've been listening to Bad Company today and ran across some stuff that could work.

- Seagull
- Rock Steady
- Bad Company
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Cumberland Gap
Sourwood Mountain
Ole Slewfoot
Crawdad Hole
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Lonesome Pine, Red Clay Halo (not trad., but could be), Bury Me Beneath the Willow, Sitting on Top of the World, Tennessee Stud, Foggy Mountain Top, Eight More Miles to Louisville... I'll keep thinking.

No words, just pickin': Blackberry Blossom, Leather Britches, Big Sandy, if you're brave there's Jerusalem Ridge.

The great thing about these old-timey songs is that the harmonies are so fun to pick out and sing.
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Response by poster: Wow! Quite a response, thanks every one. I'm still at work right now but I'll make sure to get back to you later this evening. Thanks!
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