Help me set up a photo sales site, please
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I have to set up a relatively simple photo sales site for a friend (as the only halfway tech person she knows). It doesn't need much - a basic basket/lightbox, accounts for customers and some relatively automated way for her to upload. Is there anything fairly off-the-shelf that will do this, or do I need to hack about with things like the opensource ecommerce project? Anyone know of good packages?
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Three important questions: Is she making her own prints? Does she want to spend any money? Does she need to be able to take credit cards?
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Response by poster: 1. No, digital downloads
2. She's not opposed to it
3. Not necessarily; she can set clients up with accounts and bill them.
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You want some combination of gallery and osCommerce.
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Getting a credit card merchant account requires either:
(1) good credit and careful negotiation with the bank
(2) LOTS of money to shady individuals

Be aware that banks think that anyone on the internet that isn't a fortune-500 is an identity-theft script kiddie.

Go with paypal. (which sucks for its own reasons)
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I've heard that the forums at have a lot of pros. The ones you would be interested in would be near the bottom of that page, after the equipment stuff.
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