Cuban cigars in Toronto
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Good (friendly, knowledgeable & good selection) cigar stores in Toronto? Also: Cuban cigars

I'd like to get a few Cuban cigars for my friend before I return to the U.S. from Toronto. I'm totally clueless about cigars. (I've smoked 2 in my life.) What Cuban cigars are good bang-for-buck? I don't want to be spending too much on it. I'll just get 2-6 of them. What price should I expect to pay for decent ones? I live in Markham but will be in downtown Toronto for some time tomorrow. Any suggestions for stores that are friendly to newbies like me? Thanks!
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This is second-hand, but I've heard good things about the place on the west side of McCaul between Dundas and Baldwin.
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I'd say you want to spend at least $15 each. I'm not a purist but I was getting cigars for a few years recently and that was my line between good and nice. I doubt Cubans will have too much of a premium, but I've never bought in Toronto.

Try not to buy counterfeits!
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My cigar-freak friend came to Toronto and wanted to go to a good Cuban cigar place. We got a recommendation from a friend of a friend for this place:

Lo and behold she found a cigar she'd been looking for for years.

I know nothing about cigars but figured I'd throw it out there.
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Don't spend too much money, since US Customs will take them away from you if they happen to check you out and find them
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It's easy to get Cubans into the states, most of the time this works: Just take the bands off and mail them to your friend before you leave, don't have them with you because the Customs guards will take them. Now the proof that the cigars are cubans is gone and you're safe. Hopefully, you'll get to your friend's before the mail so the cigars will still be a surprise. But, even taking the bands off, if you get a Power-Tripping Customs guy/gal, they may not be inclined to let the cigars through. So, as Mr Chips says, don't spend too much...
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Loiseau's talking about Cheers Smoke Shop. Never bought anything there, but they seem knowledgeable.
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