East Nashville & Antioch
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where are the nice parts of east nashville and antioch?
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East Nashville is a hip area with rough spots, but Antioch doesn't even have that. Generally, the part of Antioch closest to Brentwood (aka Brentioch) is a little nicer. There are a lot of condos and apartments off of Bell Rd. (Old Hickory) that aren't bad at all and are less expensive. However, if you want to be immersed in the music scene you're better off in East Nashville. The singer-songwriter feel of Nashville is stronger there than in South Nashville (Antioch is pretty South) because of the different bars, clubs, and coffeehouses. South Nashville, in contrast, has lots of seedy strip malls and big box retailers. You can find affordable places in East Nashville as well, so go for places there if you can.

Sorry if that's too general. I will gladly concede to a knowledgeable East Nashvillian if one comes along.
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Antioch is 100% yucky, IIRC.
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Nice parts of East Nashville seemed to me to be south of Eastland Ave and south and east of Main St./Gallatin Ave. You can probably go north of Eastland a few blocks. This is based on driving around looking to buy a house in that area about 2 years ago, though.

I rented an apt off of Broadmoor Dr. and my car was stolen and they apparently found a dead guy in the dumpster in front of my building, so I wouldn't go that far north.

I loved the Westboro apartments at West End and 31st, close to Vanderbilt, if you're considering other areas.
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You couldn't pay me to live in Antioch. If you got on the Brentwood side of Nolensville there are much better places to live but they'll probably be more expensive.

East Nashville is tough because there are pockets where everything looks nice, then you go over a block or two and it gets seedy. I would agree with deepscene - the nicer parts of East Nashville will be south of Eastland, more specifically on Boscobel/Fatherland. I'm no expert on the area, but it does seem like most of the activity happens at the "Five Points" area near Woodland & 10th.

Given a choice between the two I'd live in East Nashville 100 times out of 100. It has more character than Antioch, is closer to downtown, and has a pretty comparable cost of living although stuff can get expensive in the nicer parts.
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One last thought: Antioch has been nicknamed "the armpit of Nashville" by some.
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