Can you recommend a literary agent or attorney?
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Can you recommend a literary agent or attorney? I'm in the US.

Someone at a big-name talent agency is interested in one of my books, and I own the TV and film rights. I don't want to handle the discussion myself. Can you recommend an agent or attorney to help me, starting immediately? If they know how to use their e-mail, that would be especially good.
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Kassie Evashevski
(She inked the Twilight film deal for over a mil.)
United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500
Beverly Hills, Ca 90212-2401
Main Phone: 310.273.6700
Main Fax: 310.247.1111
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What you might be looking for is a talent manager.
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Ted Weinstein. I'm a fan of his because he represented The Skeptic's Dictionary (and The No S Diet!).

I believe he's done TV and film rights representation.

Given that the submissions page says initial submissions must be by email, I'd assume he's email-savvy.
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This isn't a specific recommendation, but might help you. You can search for agents by genre and get a sense of whether they accept contact by email, etc., or do research on agent names you get from elsewhere.
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