Where to go in LA for Yoruba?
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I'd like to delve deeper into one of the Yoruba-based religions. Where can I go for Candomble, Umbanda, Santeria, or Voodoo in Los Angeles, CA?

I'm fairly knowledgeable about the differences between these traditions/religions. And I honestly don't have much of a preference. I've tried Googling but have come up empty. Any help is much appreciated. Also, feel free to contact me via the e-mail listed in my profile.
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When I lived in Silver Lake some years back, the story was that Botanica El Negro Jose was a santeria shop. Can't say I know anything about it other than that though.
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Alvarado around MacArthur Park. Watch out for the junkies and crackheads in the park.
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You could email the anonymous poster in this thread, I suppose. The email address is at the very end of her question.
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*this thread
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