Group blog - how to get individual post count?
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If I've got a Blogger-hosted blog with multiple contributors, is there any way to easily see how many posts each person has submitted, short of counting them all manually?
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Weeeell, it depends on how easily you mean. You can get an RSS feed of every post ever from a Blogger blog, and you could "easily" process that XML to find all authors. I took the liberty of Googling your blog and did just that, with the following result. If you want to do this yourself, you can get the Python code I wrote here; you'll also need the BeautifulSoup library. Drop me a MeMail/e-mail if you have any questions about it.

Author                                   Posts     
---------------------------------------- ----------
TheTelf                                  136       
Andy J. Wotherspoon                      52        
The Big LeBamski                         21        
¡Viva La BamBi!                          14        
James                                    10        
¡Viva La Bambi!                          4         
joebloggs                                1         

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Wow - great response, thank you.

I should really have though of processing the RSS like that. Cheers :D
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My friends and I had a similar issue.

What we did was tag each of our own posts with our name. This is easy to do. Just sign in as your name, do select all (since you can only select posts you wrote) and add a name tag to it.

Once everyone did that, our blog's tag section had our name and the number of posts we had written.

Hopefully this won't be construed as spamming, but to see an example of what I'm talking about, our blog is lifeinboxes.blogspot
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