Good tailor/seamstress in west downtown Toronto?
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I'm looking for recommendations for a good tailor around Queen and Spadina in Toronto. Nothing fancy - I just need some dress pants hemmed - but recommendations any places you personally know to be good/not too expensive would be appreciated.
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Best answer: There is a tailor in the basement of the building at 1 Queen, just on the other side of Yonge Street. He's well known at the hospital where I work (St Mike's) as one of the best tailors for alteration in the city, and not that expensive. The basement of 1 Queen is pretty small; it's just above the entrance to the subway.

There is also a reasonably good alterations place in the basement of the Eaton Centre, just across from the north food court. I don't know name. Sorry, but it beats the hell out of Stitch It.

This might be coals to Newcastle. Isn't Queen and Spadina the heart of the fashion district?
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Response by poster: Yes, it is. There are lots and lots of places - it's not that there's nowhere to go, I was just looking for a personal endorsement. Thanks for the recommendation.
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A really good one is Studio Kim on King West. They do really good European Hems for jeans, so I imagine they'd do good jobs on regular old hemming as well.
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The place in the Eaton Centre does a good job -- I think it's called SalStyle. Same with the place in Yorkdale Mall. They've done a few pairs of jeans and some shirts for me and I have no complaints, other than perhaps they are always busy and tend to take 4-5 days.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.
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