Where can I have a PDF printed as a poster?
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I want to get a poster-sized art print of a PDF (all vector graphics). Since it seems like there are a thousand companies promising high quality prints online, I'd love to hear anybody's recommendations about who I should go to for this sort of job.
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Why was my comment deleted? I thought it was pretty helpful to link to recent incarnations of the same question that had helpful answers.
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Do you just need one or do oyu need many? And how high quality does it need to be?
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Hi Nathan,

I only need just one, but there's a lot of tiny text so I'd need something that's reasonably high quality and ideally would last quite a while (acid-free, that sort of stuff). Most places I've seen discussed here tend to focus on printing raster images on poster which makes me think they're either printing smaller than what I want or are printing at a lower DPI than I want. In raster, the image I want to print would be something like 100 megs.


ps - I have no idea why Twiggy's comment was deleted.
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