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Two weeks left. Replacement is trained. Moving to another department in the same organization so I don't want to burn my built up vacation...

What should I do to keep busy while not looking like I'm just trying to look busy?
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Ask around to see if anyone else needs your help. Lots of people have backburner projects (like filing) or small projects, etc that you could tackle.

Read news/blogs related to position in new department.
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I would ask if you can assist in the new department, even if it's only doing stuff that an intern would normally do. I think it shows great initiative if nothing else.

a little more info might get you some better suggestions....
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Call everyone in your rolodex, let them know that you are moving to a new department.
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You oculd try making up some kind of blue-skies project thats completely self directed and doesn't have to result in much, and then work on it/goof around as you see fit. That’s what I did when I worked at a company with a lot of downtime between projects. Weirdly I’d always be happier when I was actually working on my made up project than when I was goofing around.
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Clean up your workspace so the next person taking your desk isn't greeted with a huge mess. Dust, clean tape off the walls and ink off the tabletop.
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Are there any skills that you could learn which would help you in your new position? This is a great opportunity for some self-education, especially if it's work related.

When you show up in your new department and your boss asks what you did for the last 2 weeks you can tell them something productive instead of vague answers about looking busy....
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Write documentation for processes everyone already knows how to do. Then spend a day re-writing them. Then spend a day tracking down three-ring binders with tabs in which to store the documentation. Then clear out a space in which to store the documentation. Then write a series of implementation directives for using the documentation. Then track down more binders in which to store the implementation directives relating to the documentation.

I spent six months doing this before they realized I wasn't really working.
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Seconding learning. Programming tutorials for a new framework/language take a long time to complete and are moderately interesting if you are at all inclined to do some software development.
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