Good online discount fashion retailers?
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Good online discount fashion retailers?

I'm looking for recommendations on discount designer clothing / accessories, etc. web sites. I am a big fan of BlueFly, but although they have a decent selection, the discounts are not terribly impressive. The other side of the spectrum is sites like StyleSell, which - though I have no first experience with it - looks very shady, but has great discounts. I am hoping to find a couple of web sites that are in between the two extremes. Any recommendations?
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For shoes, I've been very pleased with, which seems to be the "rock bottom prices but less customer service and higher shipping" arm of The discounts are indeed impressive.
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Gilt and HauteLook are both pretty good. You just have to be awake and at your computer when the sales happen, because most of the good stuff stuff sells out within ten minutes.
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I've never had much luck with purely "discount" sites. As you've noticed, the discounts are often not that impressive -- or they are, but the sites are kind of sketchy.

Honestly, hunting the sales at places like and and looking for coupon codes yields the best results. Even sales at places like can bring major shopping coups. I'd haunt a fashion-oriented message board like MakeupAlley's fashion sub-board, as the ladies on there always know when discounts are going on.
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I've had very good luck with LaRedoute. Not a discount site as such but their prices are always reasonable and they often have great sales. Have been very impressed with the quality of clothes.
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I have had good luck with designer accessories at -- they are apparently the online discount arm of Loehmann's, which we don't have where I live. Haven't tried anything other than bags and jewelry there, but they're great for that, at least.

I'm also a big fan of keeping an eye out for coupons on the regular sites, as others have suggested. You can find bigger deals than you'd think, if you time it right.

But the way to score the biggest deals is to spend a little time getting really smart in a particular area. If you're looking for handbags, for example, start reading The Purse Forum -- those ladies know a thing or two about finding a deal on a bag, boy howdy. It's those kind of specialist sites where you can find the Advanced Shopping tidbits -- online sample sales and the like.
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I've found some great stuff at Yoox, although a lot of their inventory consists of European brands I've never heard of.
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