Help me find a loving, caring kennel in Los Angeles.
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Help me find a loving, caring kennel in Los Angeles.

My girlfriend and I are relocating to Los Angeles. We can't move into our new apartment yet, so we're staying with family. Our dog, however, needs to go to a kennel. Since he may be there for 2 weeks, we want to find a place that plays with the dogs a few times a day and preferably keeps them in runs instead of cages.

We'll be in the Redondo Beach area and we will have a car.
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There is supposed to be a great one on Sepulveda in West La. Apparently its like paradise for dogs. Someone recommended it to me in the park the other day. I am going to use it for my dog when I have to work events all day and when I go out of town.

Will look for it and post again.
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Depending on your dog's personality you might want to look for a cageless kennels where the dogs get to play with each other all day. For a friendly dog, it is much more fun to be able to interact with the other dogs than to be isolated in a run.
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I don't have a dog but my dog friends really like Urban Dog. It's off Sepulveda Blv so maybe that's the one Twinedog is recommending as well. The dogs get to play together and supposedly get lots of time outside.
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Yeah turns out its off sepulveda and its called Urban Dog. NOt to be confused with the other one down the street which is universally disliked.

You could also try and board her in a private home with someone who operates a dog walking company. Today in a dog park in Brentwood I met a couple who were taking a bunch of dogs to the dog park and they board dogs. They were both really knowledgeable about the dogs they were caring for and you could tell they genuinely cared for and were taking excellent care of them.
They gave me their card. This is their email.
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I don't know if there is a Camp Bow Wow located in that area, but they are great for boarding. The dogs are separated by size and/or temperament and spend the majority of the day in the play yards with other dogs.
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