Drumline music?
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I need drumline music for my workouts!

Outkast's "Bombs Over Baghdad" works like nothing else to get me pumped at the gym, the percussion is a big part of the reason why. It's kind of a marching band/drumline sound, and a good drumline gets me pumped when I happen to hear one. Where can I find more drumline music or hip hop with this sound?
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Best answer: some hip hop with drumline beats:

Outkast - Morris Brown

Beyonce - Lose My Breath
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You can look for songs by the same producer.

B.O.B. was produced by Earthone III

Lose My Breath was produced by Darkchild.

I'll also suggest 1 Thing by Amerie. It was produced by Rich Harrison.
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You might like Drum and Bass. "Bombs Over Baghdad" has a very DNB sound.

Try http://dnb-sets.de/ and search for artists like A Sides, DJ Hype, LTJ Bukem.
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As far as beat heavy gym music goes, I really enjoy listening to Girl Talk's "Night Ripper" CD. If you haven't heard of him, he's a mash-up artist. The entire CD is one long sampling mix (not sure if that's the proper terminology). Here's a SLYT that's actually a sampling of the CD (get a load of that meta-ness...). Anyway, it's a pretty incredible juxtaposition of styles combined with some outstanding editing and syncing. Worth checking out. (Warning: some lyrics NSFW)
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The drumline stuff is a bit buried, but you may like !!!'s "All My Heroes are Weirdos".
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I too would kill for the syncopated jazzed up marching band stuff from"drumline" the movie: but the soundtrack has only 8 minutes of it. Stomp? Any other suggestions?
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Time to dust off that Google.

I started at youtube searching for "drumline" to find a ton of clips of drum lines. One of the top one's in Penn State's Blue Band, and Google helped get me to their home page and a list of downloads.

Most large schools are going to have a marching band, digging them up could be painful or as simple as searching for "[state] state drumline" like "cal state drumline", which turns up another web page. Follow the link to the media section.

An alternate route is to look for drum and bugle corps organizations, the largest one I know of being DCI which has a multimedia section where you can download and purchase audio (and video) files for previous shows.

The DCI site also features a list of the competing corps (at various levels of competition), many of which have a web presence, and of those who do many have Merchandise Sections (this one is for the Blue Devils) which directly support the various corps.
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I too would kill for the syncopated jazzed up marching band stuff from"drumline" the movie: but the soundtrack has only 8 minutes of it.

There was a musical production called Blast! based on the marching band/drumline style. I saw it live and it was pretty incredible.

To the OP, I too really dig this style. Outkast's Morris Brown was the first song that came to mind. Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl kind of has a bit of this feel, as does Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous Girl. But it's kind of elusive. I wish there was more of this shit out there.
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I think a keyword you're missing in your searches is cadence.

Do a search for university cadence mp3 and see what you get. Many university/edu band webpages offer mp3s of their drumline free for the taking. My current favorite is U.Maryland's 1995 version of "Truck" especially because of the rest of the band doing yell-calls, what we used to do in high school a lot with our 250-piece. We never realized how awesome calls were until we went to state marching competition and all of the other massive 300-500-piece bands were shouting calls between each other while in the stands between field performances. If you find any good ones, let me know! You just took me back to the day! I'm uploading my small colly to rapidshare as we speak, I'll post the link shortly. You can also get a good rhythm going with university fight songs.

And you're right, they're great exercise beats ^_^ Great to turn all the way up! Hoouh!
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Best answer: There ya go, about 16mb of various uni/edu candences and such. Enjoy, and send me links of good ones you find, too! heh *cranks it*
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments everyone! Please, keep them coming. I'll be adding things that I find as well...

I'm finding that the band kind of kills it a lot of time for stadium music, I like the drums alone. I noticed cadence coming up a lot in searching, so thanks Quarter Pincher for pointing that out. University stuff and the Drumline soundtrack have good material.

My suggestions:
Kodo - Strobe's Nanafushi (Satori Remix)
M.I.A. - Birdflu

Two great songs that aren't really drumline style, but have B.O.B's hyper kid-with-Skittles feel:
Gnarls Barkley - Go Go Gadget Gospel
Gnarls Barkley - Transformer

Gypsy music is great for workouts (and ridiculous dancing), and since it uses a lot of the same instruments, kind of sounds like a marching band on crack... I mean that in the best way. Highly recommended!

Boban Markovic Orkestar - Voz
Boban Markovic Orkestar - Mundo Cocek
The tracks here are all good.
Shantel - Disko
Shantel - Andante Levante (especially the section after 3:45)

If anyone is interested, names to explore are Shantel, Boban Markovic Orkestar, the album, M.I.A. (not gypsy, but good beats), Gogol Bordello, I could go on...
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Best answer: Janet Jackson- Feedback
and I second Amerie-I Thing
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Also, if you are looking for good upbeat songs to workout to:
Q-Tip- "Breathe and Stop" and "Vivrant Thing"
Ashanti- "Only You"
Janet Jackson- "All Nite (Don't Stop)"
*alwayssss* Notorious B.I.G - "Hypnotize" (That Brooklyn bullshit..we on it!)
; ) I can keep goin'.....
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i don't know if it's the main release or not, but knhc has been playing a madonna/justin timberlake song called "4 minutes to save the world" that has drumline music in the mix.
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