How should I track my internet usage?
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I'm looking for an application that tracks my software and website usage that is not RescueTime. I'm extremely uncomfortable with the data being transmitted to a website and want something that stores it on my computer, not anywhere else. I've also used MeeTimer, and found it too buggy. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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There are several alternative suggestions near the end of this thread about RescueTime.
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Mac or PC? For Macs, there's Slife, which looks nice and is comprehensive. The trial version will let you track three programs at once; I only stopped recording myself because I felt too guilty about my procrastination...
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Actually, better yet, Slife is for both OSX and windows.
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I've never used it personally (I'd rather not know this kind of thing) but TrackTime does this I believe for OS X.

(It's not my project, but I do know the developer!)
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I'm using Ubuntu, actually.
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Old post, but I regard AskMefi as a vast helpful repository of human knowledge, therefore:

Personal Task Manager, Windows-based, but opensource, a sourceforge project.
No registration required, direct download, saves data to your own computer, etc etc. I just pimped it out on another thread.
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