Pottery in NYC?
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Does anyone know of any cheap-ish pottery classes in NYC for the summer? I'm a beginner, but I would be fine with some kind of open studio deal as well. I'll be living in Williamsburg and working in Harlem, so extra points if it's located near either of those two places.
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Check out the mudpit in Williamsburg. www.mudpitnyc.com
They have classes and an open studio which allows you to work as much as you want, more or less whenever you want as long as they are open. I took beginner pottery there and think its a really good deal.
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Isn't this exactly what the Learning Annex is for?

The website is pants but I remember the paper catalogue being quite good.
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Mud Sweat and Tears has 10 week courses for about 400 dollars. They're on 10th at 46th in Hell's Kitchen.
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