.mov file converter + format advice please
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I have a .mov file that I want to edit with Windows Movie Maker (which came with Vista Ultimate). I need a free (and hassle-free) converter....and advice about which format is best to convert to. Eventual destination will be YouTube. Thanks.
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YouTube takes .mov files just fine.
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The free version of Any Video Convertor can easily convert your file into an .mpg format, which you should be able to load into Movie Maker for editing.
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Another free video converter is eRight's Super which should convert your file to something you can use in MovieMaker
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I use WinFF to convert my .mov files to .avi for further processing in Windows Movie Maker. I don't think it really matters what you upload to Youtube because it will reformat to flash anyway.

FWIW, I think the final output quality of videos is far superior on Viddler.com.
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MPEG Streamclip (free) will do it. Export as AVI... and choose Cinepak as your codec. I've tested this and it works just fine.
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Try the open source MediaCoder.
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Thanks for all of your help. I went with "Any Video Converter" (although they all looked good). It did the job with no hassle at all. YouTube....here I come!
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Me again: It worked! Look here:
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Thanks again to all of you.
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