Quality of off-brand Ziploc bags?
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I have noticed that off-brand Ziploc bags aren't closing very easily. While the real McCoy is sealing just fine. Anyone else experiencing this too? Is this a regional problem? (I'm near Seattle.)
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We buy most of our ziploc knock-offs from the dented can store down the street. Sometimes we also get dented bags of Ziploc brand plastic baggies. The off-brand ones suck, you are correct. I assume this is because of scrimping in the amount of zipper-plastic that helps the seal stay together better, but that's just my opinion.
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The knock-off bags might be manufacturered with poor quality equipment. Either the knock-off factories are buying old, worn molds from the zip-loc factories, or they designed their on molds badly. Alternately, they could be having allignment issues with the machines.

Lego has always claimed that they cast their bricks to surgical tolerances. You never see extraneous plastic sticking to the bricks, and legos always fit together as expected. Some of the knock-off "legos" have bricks that don't always fit, much like the knock-off zip-loc bags.
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There's probably limits on the production of the product, too. Glad Inc. almost without a doubt has multiple patents on the ZipLoc bag- not just the name, but the type of closing, the method to do it, and the machinery used to make them. Just check the box, there's a patent number somewhere.

One of the reasons, so I've heard, that McDonald's straws are wider, is not just because it makes consumption faster and is better for milkshakes, but because Dixie actually owns the patent on the circumfrence of the typical straw. So McDonalds just made a different one, hence no royalties. Glad knock-offs are like that because, for royalty reasons, they likely can't make them the way Glad does.

That said, I've used tons of zip-loc bags that aren't Glad brand, and they've worked find. My ultimate suggestion? Switch to tupperware; you'll make less garbage. ;)
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It's not regional. It's the same here in NYC, and it's simply a matter of "getting what you paid for".
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Me too!

I like the zipper-type bags. The off-brands always tear on the seam no matter what I put in them. I've finally accepted the fact that I'll have to pony up for the good ones.
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yeah, my wife was just observing that the major-chain-drug-store brand resealable bags were not as good as the national brand bags. I usually feel like I'm wasting money if I'm paying for national brands, but this is an outstanding exception. [I often clip Sunday coupons to buy the national brands anyway.]
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