Looking for a classical guitar in Bangkok
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Where can I buy a classical guitar in Bangkok?

My friend is heading home and he's taking his 6-string with him leaving me fingerpicking the empty air. I'm heading back to Bangkok in a couple days and would like to pick one up myself. The guitars sold near Khao San Rd to the tourists are unplayable. My price range is 3000-7000 baht depending on tone and quality. Ideally, it would be 3/4 size for mobility sake so if anyone knows the address to any acoustic guitar stores with a sizeable inventory it'd be much appreciated. Thank ye.
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Dear tourists: most of the stuff sold to tourists here is a rip-off. Fortune Town, Rama IX, has quite a variety of musical instruments, or try Sao Ching Cha if you don't mind second-hand stuff.
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If you're aiming for professional-grade instruments and don't mind going even more downtown, there's Werng Nakhon Kasem (near Yaowaraj) which is very popular among musicians.
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