How Do I Load a Color Mgmt. Profile into Photoshop CS2?
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How Do I Load a Color Mgmt. Profile into Photoshop CS2?

I am trying to load the latest version of a color print profile into Photoshop from my local Costco. I have downloaded the profiles and placed them in the appropriate place on my (IMac OSX 10.4.11) hardrive (Library/ColorSync/Profiles) but when I use the Load command, under Edit - Color Settings in Photoshop, and navigate to the folder, the files are not active (they appear washed out) and cannot be selected. What do I need to do to get these profiles loaded into Photoshop? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Just out of curiousity, try moving the proflie to ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles
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Load is for loading the settings for your color preferences as, this isn't what you want to do. The profile you have is for Costco's printer. What you want to do with is go View/Proof Set Up/ Custom and then select the profile Device to Simulate popup menu. Now if you select View/Proof Colors, you'll be previewing your image as if it's been printed by their printer and you can color correct accordingly.
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Thanks for the feedback Nathan_T and Doctor_N. Sorry for the slow repsonse. I'm still stuck with the same problem. First I have the profile both in ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles and in Philmas/Library/ColorSync/Profiles so Photoshop should be able to access either folder.

The new profiles don't show up when I go into the popup menu under View/Proof Set Up/Custom. Only the old profiles, which I have thrown in the trash. Weird.
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